Namprint (Pty) Ltd.

Namprint is one of the leading printers in Namibia and the only security certified printing company in the country.  We have a long rich history and a good reputation emanating from Lusaka, Zambia during the difficult years of colonialism.  Namprint is equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise enabling us to provide you with quality printing services.

The mission of Namprint has always been “to create wealth by providing quality products and prompt services through effective processes using the latest technology and skilled workforce”.  To that end, Namprint has diversified in business scope, covering security printing, commercial printing, packaging printing, web printing, digital printing, book printing etc.

Namprint operates in accordance with the Cheque and MICR standards authority and is a full CSMA accredited and bounded organization. We constantly update our technology and renew our equipment to improve quality and productivity in addition to employing modern management techniques that improve service delivery.

Through our motto, “Perfection to the dot” we will ensure timely delivery of quality products and prompt printing services. As your one stop printing specialist, we offer competitive prices, total reliability, convenience, excellent services and complete peace of mind.

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Alec Boois
General Manager
Tel: 061-220095 / Fax: 061-220045