Ndilimani Cultural Troupe

Founded in 1980 under the auspices of one of SWAPO’s People Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN)’s most brilliant military strategist, our hero, late Comrade Peter Nanyemba, Ndilimani Cultural Troupe played a pivotal role in the struggle for the liberation of Namibia.  The troupe was founded to educate the international community about the sufferings and bravery of the Namibian people under apartheid. ndilimani1

Starting with rudimentary music equipment, Dr. Sam Nujoma saw the importance of the troupe and mobilized modern music equipment from around the world to enhance the troupe’s performance and bring it on par with bands of the world.

After the untimely and sad death of Peter Nanyemba, the troupe was renamed Ndilimani, the combat name of Comrade Nanyemba.  Thus, the spirit of Comrade Nanyemba continue to guide Ndilimani through all the transformations.

Should you want your occasion to be graced by the talents of Ndilimani, do not hesitate to call on them to perform for your guests.

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Contact Details:
Jessy Nambanza
Operational Manager
Tel: 061-258-788
e-mail: jjkandala@yahoo.com