Ndilimani Accomplishments

ndilimani2Ndilimani Cultural Troupe did not only become the greatest entertainer for the masses in SWAPO camps, but it also kept the freedom fighters motivated to achieve final victory.    On the other hand, the troupe’s revolutionary lyrics and powerful rhythms persuaded Namibian youths inside Namibia to join SWAPO abroad and fight for Namibia’s Independence.

The troupe also took to the international stage to inform, entertain and educate the peace loving people around the world about the Namibian peoples’ apartheid plight.  Ndilimani toured countries such as Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), Norway, United States of America, East Germany, Zambia, among others.

During Namibian election campaigns, Ndilimani has been a mainstay at SWAPO rallies.


Ndilimani Famous Artists

ndilimani3Namibia’s finest musicians have lent their talents to the troupe.  In 1989, Ndilimani had 32 members and currently has eight members.  Namibian renown Reggae artist Ras Sheehama, Dr. François Tsoubaloko (Papa François), late Jackson Kaujeua and many others have been members of Ndilimani Cultural Troupe.  To date, Ndilimani has produced many albums celebrating Namibia as an independent country and paying homage to the sacrifices of Namibian heroes and heroines.

Although most founding members of the troupe have since passed on or left the band, Ndilimani is still going strong as the only surviving liberation war cultural troupe.